SP Shocker RSX Paintball Gun - Black

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Air Tank: HPA Only

Hopper Feedneck: Universal

Barrel Thread: Standard Autococker


Built from the ground up the SP Shocker RSX Paintball Gun is the rebirth of a legendary paintball platform. With an incredibly light weight design and all new spool valve technology in the RSX Bolt System, players can expect fast bolt action with abundant volume for quiet, consistent low-pressure operation. Adjust your settings on the fly with a clear and easy to use OLED Screen capable of out putting text in a language of your choice. Break Beam Eye Sensors and Lever Detents will help ensure every ball is stable before firing to help eliminate paintball breakage.

A clean, lightweight design is achieved with the help of a completely hose free design, inside and out. CNC machined internal gas channels route compressed air through the grip, body and regulator for maximum reliability with reduced failure points. A CNC machined, integrated regulator housing blends seamlessly into the marker body with fluid lines, for a compact, light marker.

The trigger of your dreams is easily achieved with four points of adjustment and dual sealed bearing assemblies to deliver a trigger pull that is short,light, fast and consistent. Know that your hopper will remain secure during dives and slides with the Q-Lock Feedneck. The Q-Lock clamps loaders securely in place, yet opens easily with the flick of a lever.

Accuracy is one of the most important factors on the field and with the help ofa 14-inch All-American Freak Barrel it won\'t be a problem. With the ability to change bore inserts players can adjust for weather conditions and changes in a paintball for optimal performance all day long.

Cleaning your SP Shocker RSX is a painless with a tool free, push button design that unlocks the RSX Bolt System. As if all this wasn\'t enough the SP Shocker RSX Paintball Gun comes standard with a semi-rigid carrying case making for safe and secure transport of your new marker. Improve your game today and leave your opponents running for cover with the SP Shocker RSX Paintball Gun!

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